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The school has an enriched library and a Resource Cell (for teachers) containing books of different streams to nourish the need of the students of their diversified knowledge. The Library is also equipped with a Number of Encyclopaedias and Autobiographies which help them to blend their modern knowledge with conventional values. It is also equipped with latest CDs and multimedia kit to enable the students to correlate their theoretical concept with visual effects. It also has a large number of weekly, quarterly magazine and newspaper to help the students in updating their knowledge.

Maths Lab

Mother’s International Academy understands that the laboratory can play a key role in understanding the concept and purpose of the topic. We know that only teaching and theory have their limitations. It is difficult for teachers to go beyond the prescribed textbook. Mathematical truths are accepted only on the basis of proofs. So,  the mathematics laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore teaching and learning material. It provides an opportunity to understand and analyse basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations.

Technology Center

Technology has witnessed impressive evolution in the past few decades, which has in turn transformed our lives and helped us evolve with it. Technology has contributed more than anything to help mankind live a life of luxury and convenience. We can see huge impact on our day-to-day lives and the operations of countless industries, such as healthcare, automobile, communication, manufacturing, and business, among others. this clearly indicates the importance of technology in every aspect of our lives. Mothers International academy provide the study of technoloy, in which students learn about how to processes and knowledge related to technology.


Amphitheatres are the modern and practical way to take the school education outside the classrooms allowing children to feel completely incorporated in the action. The School has a unique Amphitheatres which enables the students to present himself in front of the audience which helps them in overcoming stage fright. This amphitheatre accommodates more than 200 students with a stage where they can present their entire academics and co-curricular activities Viz musical, vocal, role play and so many behavioural traits.



It is said Healthy mind and soul lies in a healthy body . Keeping in mind this theme The School has introduced a highly equipped, multi apparatus Gymnasium to shape the students physical structure.

Under able supervision, students access to all the latest and sophisticated exercise equipments.

Montessori classes

Informal learning is promoted through play way method using specially designed Aids. Here the emphasis is given to reduce written work. To make the kids self reliant more concentration is given on physical, mental and emotional growth.

Classes 1-10 – Formal education system is introduced using NCERT syllabi (Std VI onwards). Art, Craft, Yoga, Music, Computers, Dance etc however added in the curriculum. In Std V a third language (Sanskrit) is introduced. However, students are free to learn Urdu as a third language from Std I only.

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