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Walking down Memory Lane, I often come across Society’s darker side of life (Failed Aspirations and despair). Negativity seems to have drowned the concept of ‘Positivity’ to the extent that the very seed of ‘Civilized Life’ has vanished into thin air.

Such a Situation which breeds on Circumstances of individuas. This has to be observed with a ‘Hawkish Eye’. ‘such a situation has arisen because of innumerable factors. Complexity has to be answered. If not adhered to at the right time the mechanism of building an environment which gradually will fall like a ‘Pack of cards’ I too might not be a part and parcel of Education – in the right perspectives. They say, “Every cloud has a silver lining – see the lining rather than darkness; The umbra rather than the penumbra – In a Lunar Eclipse. In such a situation, someone has to bell the cat to bring about a Rejuvenation in the field of Education. Look beyond, your answers might be in the present or the past might be in the future. Education quite often brings with it the problems with a wide variety of “ circumstances’ which Educationists and Intellectuals have to answer, In this Hype Age, where ‘speed is the password, many people in the previous Generations do not accepts sudden changes. But, on the other hand ‘Parivartan Hi Sansar ka sabse Bada Niyam hai (The Gita Saar). Change has to occur or will occur at various internals of time. Time & Tide wait for None One step to Man; ‘But a Giant leap for Mankind’. Said Neil Armstrong when he placed his first step on the moon. Similarly, if every Individuals just puts on drop of effort in the field of education the whole world will become a ‘Paradise’ or ‘the Garden of Eden’ in the whole universe.

At this point only, when Education receives a boosts from every Individual the ocean of ‘thought will drastically change for good. When individuals change; Family will change; The Nation will change and the International Barriers will change; The world will change. We will then talk about Universal Citizen.

    ‘History speaks itself’ an axiom often repeated by many an Intellectual. In Education too we have found it Relevant. There was a time when schools were known for ‘Boys school’ and ‘ Girls school’ but with time Mindsets changed and Co- education became the Norm of Society. The cultural diversity of India had certain reservations regarding this educational policy. Many schools opted for it – but certain educational institution decided to have two- in- one – co educational plus ‘Mono’ education repeatedly emphasizing on a separate Girl’s School and I had orally said – with all my efforts a common goal is enshrined in the all round development of the ‘’Girl Child’’. We have laid the foundation – Your co-operation is all that we need. “ I have come to lead and Mother’s International academy will follow’’. “ Aspiration leads to Inspiration and Perspiration’’.

– Arshad Ahmad
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