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Mother International Academy Best School in Patna would have gone unknown and unnoticed had it not been for a visionary who opened a school which carries the motto “A Place to Grow” a slogan that appears to be not only beautiful but also invincible. Little would have one thought or dreamt of in his wildest dreams opening up an educational institution named “MIA”.

Lying just 6 kms away from the heart of the city of Ashoka’s Patliputra, the hot bed of commercial activities of Bihar is a small but distinct township called Phulwari sharif which is the place where “Mother’s International Academy” is. It is the junction between Patna and Khagaul (a name derived from Astronomy). The land is so fertile and the atmosphere so congenial that it compeled the first citizen of India to praise it from the depth of his heart. Moreover, a number of research institutes like WALMI and a unit of AIIMS and many other centres are attracting the attention of the government towards this holy land. MIA is a boon to this pious land.

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