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Opportunities glare have been provided by the Institutition which is rarely found in any other school in Patna. ‘Ask and thou shall receive the best here!1 Environment you ask for it is here; congenial atmosphere for development of the needs of the young minds, it is here; the overall development of the personality and individuality in the child, it is here; physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth of the little one it is here; practically and not subordination to books only you will find it here; the child as the focal point of education-it is here; co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the overall development of the children it is here; facilities accord ing to the changing scenario in the world of education, it is here; the craving needs of childhood is fulfil I here; learning through doing is here; facilities for the child’s safety & security, comfortable transport from home to school and back is here; A team of devoted, dedicated, qualified, and experienced staff to monitor the child’s development is here.
What more in the field of education and the Teaching-learning process can one ask for. This is the real place to grow and flourish into real great citizens who in future will definitely excel in various fields like Academics, Art, Politics etc. This is our dream and vision and we are striving hard day in and day out towards our goal. All we need is a helping hand from parents and guardians to achieve what our founder and his team has envisioned. Try us and we strongly believe that for your choice you’ll never regret in life. What for you today is a dream will be a reality tomorrow. Hence, extend your hands and put your children on the road to progress and prosperity in future for ‘Character is our degree; Life is our examination and the universe is our university. “You’ll find yourself in a place where time holds the value of change and growth.”