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The Glorious History

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The Glorious History

Mother’s International Academy was founded in the year 2004 under agies of Al – Rabia Memorial Educational and Welfare Trust. It is a trusted name in the field of quality education and this is delivered in a progressive environment facilitating alround development of students by giving opportunity to fulfill individual potential.
Learning in this school is viewed as an experience which is not only about gaining knowledge but also about shaping character and life skills.

The Vision

The school facilitates the holistic development of each and every child. It gives a consistent environment in which a young mind, body and spirit are continually nurtured without any contradictions and conflicts. Our understanding, encouragement and support to the students make education an adventurous joyful journey leading them to groom into a responsible citizen.

While imparting quality education among children we experienced and learnt the finer issues related to the running of a school. This be acquired through our day to day interaction with all three stake holders that that is the student , the part and the teacher

Considering above all the facts and the need of an hour we decide to launch Mother’s International Academy GIRLS. We expect from the parents to once again show their faith in us and give us an opportunity to learn and evolve with their children.