Parting ways from the Negative aspects of the Old pattern of Education, the Intellectuals decided to say good bye to the previous system and follow a new track. This Trail has got is it own set of problems but the Positive aspects surpass the Negative ones. The main objectives of the New Track of Education is to reduce Tension, Anxiety and Stress which was like the sword of Damocles hanging above the heads of children leading to a number of Deaths and drop outs. To harness and control this menace the C.C.E. has been made so that the ‘Examination Phobia’ of the children is reduced.

The old system mainly concentrated on the Academic Scenario and the other Talents of the Child were left untapped leading the child to a point where neither could he “Take it” nor could she/he Avoid it” He/she had to face the Pressure of Society and the Peers. The Parents too looked forward to building the Academic Talents only of the child leading to a one-sided development of the child. They did whatever possible to train their Children in the Academic field leading to the mushrooming of coaching I nsittutes and Tuition Bureaus. Literacy seemed to be more on the front than Education. We, at MIA had already banned students from going to Coaching Institutes and even getting into the rut of Private Tuitions.

The “Drop Out” rates in the old pattern were very high because the children were left in the Wilderness of Despair without any choice leading to a number of highly scenes in life. With the help of a number of other internal mechanism, we at MIA have managed to control it. To tackle this danger of a lop-sided development the C.C.E. (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) has been brought to the fore and phase-wise replacement of the old system will move out. The Grading system has already been introduced to save the child from unnecessary comparisons in society. The bottom line of the C.C.E. in Evaluation will be Continuous and comprehensive rather than a one-time affair. The Evaluation will not only be on the Academic lines (school astic subjects) but also on the other Talents which a child possesses (Co-Scholastic) leading to a versatile development of the child (Holistic).

Every session on learning is to be looked at from the following points-the Process of Learning, applying what has been learnt and the Assessment of what has been learnt. It is more of a diagnostic and remedial approach rather than a one time Academic Affair.

Education will be child centered and school centered. A number of exams have been avoided and Tests, Assignments, Projects etc have come in. The previous knowledge of the child has also been taken care of and the growth and development of every aspect of thechild is pursued.

The biggest sting has come from the Parents and Coaching Institutes. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the parents to adjust to it. The mindset has to be changed and that is the point where Parents are unable to digest. To handle this situation in a proper manner. We are not leaving any stone unterned.The parents are being familirized with this change through. P.T.A Meetings and Personal Touches. Technicalities of this system of Evaluation has already been worked out by the Intellectuals of MIA pariwar. We, at MIA have already put our feet into the quagmires of Healthy & Holistic development of thechild. Formative and summative system of Evaluating the child throughout the Academic session has been conveniently placed in the right place and expectations are running high. Afresh sense of Hope has already come to the slow and average learners. The progressive condition of the child has got various parameters on which the child is evaluated.

Last but not the least the Academic Exploitation of the child is coming to an end by the end of this session. Thanks the H.R.D. Minister, Mr. Kapil Sibel for this brazen step he has taken. He has ensured that the recommendations of the various commissions esp
the Kothari Commission (1966) has been implimented in letter and spirit.

“Change is the Law of Nature” The new Replaceth the old” and it was high time that the system of Education was over handed. The MIA staff welcome such a change and we have already worked out the Technicalities and the Tomorrow of MIA will clear another milestone in Education.