About us


Lying just 6 kms away from the heart of the city of Ashoka’s Patliputra, the hot bed of commercial activities of Bihar is a small but distinct township called Phulwarisharif which is the place where “Mother’s International Academy” is. It is the junction between Patna and Khagaul (a name derived from Astronomy). The land is so fertile and the atmosphere so congenial that it compelledthefirstcitizenof India to praise it from the depth of his heart. Moreover, a number of research institutes like WALMI and a unit of AIIMS and many other centres are attracting the attention of the government towards this holy land. MIA is a boon to this pious land.

People behind the school

The place would have gone unknown and unnoticed had it not been for a visionary who opened a school which carries the motto “A Place to Grow” a slogan that appears to be not only beautiful but also invincible. Little would have one thought or dreamt of in his wildest dreams opening up an educational institution named “MIA”. The iron man named Anwar Ahmad, Ex-MLC and Chairman Bihar Awami Co-operative Bank, dared and did what he had envisioned. An intellectual and a statesman he dared to do where others would have feared even to tread upon. Just two an a half years back he saw, he came and he conquered and today this new born baby seems to have achieved maturity in all spheres of education. Be it academics, co-curricular activities, extra curricular activities and mention anything related to the teaching-learning process. Not only this, he even went to the extent of imposing child-centred education and what other people only talked about and discussed, he reduced the burden of the child in this modern society where the child is over burdened with so much of academics and other things related to education that he/she seems to be puzzled on the cross roads of the teaching-learning process. He has answered a number of questions related to education through the medium of “MIA”.

A number of other intellectuals are also part and parcel of this massive project. They shared the same views of the prime visionary and are in no degree less than their leader.

Know your school

Child centred education as advocated bytheCBSE is followed by us in a unique way along with an extraordinary environment. We do not treat the child’s brain a dustbin as T.H. Huxley would call it “You open the lid of the brain when you want to push in the information required and then close it.” We accept the child as a natural creation of God who will grow and flourish according to his or her potential. We try to inculcate leadership qualities in the young minds so that they grow up to be worthy citizens not only of the nation but also of the world at large. The millennium has started and a number of changes have taken place all over the world to meet this challenge. The school has equipped itself with the latest educational techniques and aids along with a congenial environment to enhance the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs of the child. Parents should think that every child is unique in his or her own aspect and they do not grow evenly. What they actually required is consistent guidance and encouragement so that they can face the unforeseen circumstances that life will present them with. We at MIA continuously are on the vigil to see that the burden of the child is lessened and his growth in no way is obstructed. For this, we have devised various ways to meet the needs of our little future citizens.

Reason for choosing this School

Opportunities glare have been provided by the Institutition which is rarely found in any other school in Patna. ‘Ask and thou shall receive the best here!1 Environment you ask for it is here; congenial atmosphere for development of the needs of the young minds, it is here; the overall development of the personality and individuality in the child, it is here; physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth of the little one it is here; practically and not subordination to books only you will find it here; the child as the focal point of education-it is here; co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the overall development of the children it is here; facilities accord ing to the changing scenario in the world of education, it is here; the craving needs of childhood is fulfil I here; learning through doing is here; facilities for the child’s safety & security, comfortable transport from home to school and back is here; A team of devoted, dedicated, qualified, and experienced staff to monitor the child’s development is here. What more in the field of education and the Teaching-learning process can one ask for. This is the real place to grow and flourish into real great citizens who in future will definitely excel in various fields like Academics, Art, Politics etc. This is our dream and vision and we are striving hard day in and day out towards our goal. All we need is a helping hand from parents and guardians to achieve what our founder and his team has envisioned. Try us and we strongly believe that for your choice you’ll never regret in life. What for you today is a dream will be a reality tomorrow. Hence, extend your hands and put your children on the road to progress and prosperity in future for ‘Character is our degree; Life is our examination and the universe is our university. “You’ll find yourself in a place where time holds the value of change and growth.”

This school

1. The School is spread over sprawling area of about 2 acres.
2. An exclusively English-medium, co-educational school affiliated to the C.B.S.E. till 10+2.
3. An ideal school in Bihar that offers more than the syllabus as prescribed by the C.B.S.E. alongside culture and character, aimed at cultivating leadership ofthought      and action with impetus on leadership education with efficiency and discipline.
4. The infrastructure of the school offers day school and ideal Hostel facilities and transport and fro from school.
5. The different development programmes are gradually being initiated to reach the motto ‘a place to grow’.

Rules for payment of fees & dues

Payment of fees and dues in school:
1. All dues for a month must be paid latest by the 10th of each month. If the 10th of the month is a holiday, the payment is to be made on the next working day.
2. The name of the student who fails to pay the dues for two consecutive months shall be struck off the rolls. Re- admission may be given on a payment of Rs. 300/-.      A fine of Rs. 02/-per day from the 10th onwards shall be collected.
3. Any student who does not clear the dues will either be debarred from the examination or his/her results will be withheld depending upon the circumstances.
4. Request for the waiving of the late fine or the re-admission will not be normally entertained.

Co-scholastic activities / extra curricular activities

Education is what we impart to the child and not just literacy. For the all round development of the child a wide range of scholastic & co-scholastic activities have been provided by the school to make them ideal citizens of tomorrow.

Mother’s International Academy is trying its level best to cater to the needs of these future citizens by adding a list of activities besides its Academy curriculum so that the child inculcate in himself pragmatism and academic excellence along with his personal interest. Different Activities and competitions occur at different intervals of the academic year like declamation, elocution, debates, art and craft etc. This is done to bring our focal point i.e. the child to grow to the state of competition in the modern world.